Under the High Patronage of
His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani,
the Emir of Qatar
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Setting the agenda with a pre-forum

In January 2012, the Doha GOALS Pre- Forum brought together 50 mentors from top federations, teams, corporations, executives and competitors to discuss the most pressing issues facing their industry and to find opportunities for growth through sport. Together with participants, the Doha GOALS Pre-Forum set the objectives for the Doha GOALS main Forum December 2012.

Throughout the Pre-Forum, the groups criss-crossed across vertical, industry- specific, and regional segments to look at every angle of the challenges identified in the sessions. Primary areas of focus included economic development, the commercialization of sports, the welfare of athletes, sport as a vehicle for tourism, and sport as a conduit for social good.


1 team work
Sport provides valuable life skills such as discipline and team work
2 Sports
Sports education should be a major commitment for all countries
3 equalizer
Sports can be a great equalizer in society
4 overcome
Sport helps overcome fears and obstacles, be they physical or mental
5 bridges
Sport builds bridges between other people
6 role models
Sporting role models and personal experiences during childhood shape our future development
7 transcends
Sport transcends borders and cultures, can solve conflicts
8 values
Support of amateur sports, volunteer activities, and grass roots sports give opportunities and values that aren't necessarily present in professional sport
9 intervention
Sport can be an example of positive government intervention (Qatar is a good example), especially in developing countries
10 health
Sport can be a crusade for personal health