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Sport for Development

• Published on 11 Dec. 2012 • Category :Sport • Tags : Development Values 2012 Sport has the ability to help nations develop infrastructure and build new expertise among their citizens, as was the case when Gabon hosted the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations, said His Excellency Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of the Gabonese Republic, during the official opening of the Doha Goals Forum. “It was an immense and tremendous experience: organization, engineering, promotion and marketing, building infrastructure, event delivery and good governance,” he said. “It made a sustained impact in many areas of national life.” He said hosting the event also served to unify the Gabo(...)
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Blatter Scores Goals

• Published on 11 Dec. 2012 • Category :Sport • Tags : Values Inclusion 2012 Sepp Blatter, President of FIFA, said he has nearly achieved the two main goals he set for himself on becoming president of the association in 1998. These were to ensure that each national organization had a good quality field to play on, and to bring the World Cup to Africa as a demonstration of greater inclusion. The first goal has been achieved with the exception of South Sudan, and the World Cup was held in South Africa in 2010. And on awarding the 2022 FIFA World Cup to Qatar, thereby bringing the event to the Middle East, he said, “We did it. We closed this circle.” Speaking at th(...)
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Be Your Own CEO

• Published on 11 Dec. 2012 • Category :Sport • Tags : Values 2012 Carl Lewis, who won four gold medals at a single Olympics games, told young people at the Doha Goals Forum that they must actively manage their own lives. “You are your own CEO. Take control of what you are doing. If you [as an athlete] have a manger and a coach, create expectations and goals together. Make a plan; then stick to it.” Lewis, who is an Olympic Sportsman of the Century, said he deliberately chose to go to college so that he could gain the skills to run the “Carl Lewis business,” and always looks for ways to build knowledge. “I went to college to get the technical s(...)
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Sport Supports Civil Society

• Published on 11 Dec. 2012 • Category :Sport • Tags : Civil Society Values Education 2012 Ensuring that sport is a part of educational curricula in the earliest years will teach important values and help build civil society, according to panelists discussing “How Can Sport Be an Agent of Change for Society,” at the Doha Goals Forum. Since a vigorous civil society requires leaders and citizens to abide by laws and rules, countries can strengthen civil society by instilling such values in students, panelists agreed. “If children regularly play sport, they will understand the importance of rules. They learn it’s no fun playing if someone is cheating. Sport teaches principl(...)
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Athletes Are People, Not Profit Centers

• Published on 14 Dec. 2012 • Category :Sport • Tags : Business Legacy Values 2012 The commoditization of athletes has put them under tremendous pressure in terms of doping, cheating, and managing large salaries and endorsement fees, agreed panelists discussing “Athletes as Individuals: Are We Doing Enough to Support Them?” at the Doha Goals Forum. In response, leagues, federations and Olympic committees need to provide support in areas such as media training, finances, and career management. What’s more, the urgency of addressing this is not just for the benefit of the individual athletes, but also for the wider society since athletes, as role models, directly infl(...)
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