Passing the baton
to the generation
of tomorrow;
an action plan
for sustainable
growth through sport.

Doha GOALS Initiatives

Doha GOALS is more than just a conference – it is the premier platform to launch cross-border initiatives that use sport as a tool for social progress and economic development.

During the first Doha GOALS Forum, participants and students proposed 456 ideas and initiatives that encouraged real social and economic change through sport, and formed a manual of ideas for participants to implement in their organisations and countries. On Doha GOALS’ side, we put a number of ideas through feasibility studies and three initiatives were chosen for implementation. Progress reports will be presented at the Doha GOALS 2013 Forum.

Doha GOALS Sports Index
Create a Sport Index to assess the value of sport for socio-economic development and measure the penetration of sport in countries' policies.
Doha GOALS Sports Fields
Build a football field and a basketball court in five cities around the world and allow free access to these sport facilities for local communities.
Doha GOALS Prosthetics Program
Launch a prosthetics program to provide prosthetic equipment for children in underdeveloped countries.